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I was introduced to the great outdoors at an early age, riding in the top of my father's backpack through California's High Sierra when I was too young to walk.   Dad was a photographer, cinematographer, mountaineer and environmentalist, which set the tone for my own pursuits later on.

After purchasing my first camera over thirty years ago I began to experiment with photography, inspired by the powerful forces of nature and dramatic lighting that often exist in the mountains.  My interest in photography as a profession began  some time later, when I discovered the lens as a connection to the ephemeral beauty of the natural world, where I would often go to escape the stress of the city. My goal as a photographer today is to convey my passion for adventure and love of nature in such a way that I share with others that which belongs to us all.

Though I spent most of my life in the Pacific Northwest, I've lived the past fifteen years in France where unlimited opportunities to capture compelling subjects are never far away - lavender in Provence, the rugged peaks of the French Alps, castles in Perigord and the Loire Valley...yet I also spend a fair amount of time further from home, documenting voyages to such places as Slovenia, Mauritius and Sri Lanka for magazines, books and other print media.

My photography is available for sale in digital format under a variety of licensing options.  Contact me via email at for more details.